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A community for swapping mix CDs

Bee CD
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BeeCD is a project set up by some people who used to love getting mix tapes full of stuff they hadn't heard before. The idea was stolen (with permission) from someone dan used to be on a message board with.

BeeCD is open to literally anyone. You don't have to know any of us - you don't have to like any of us. All you have to do is make a mix CD (or tape) according to the rules listed below and then send three copies off to the Bee CD address along with a stamped addressed envelope and in return you will recieve 3 different anonymous mix cds.

We recomend you put a £1.52 stamp on the envelope - this covers 2 cds in jewel cases and one tape - it's highly unlikely that the return package will be heavier than that. The PO Box costs 55 quid a year to keep open so the idea of funding other people's postage dosn't appeal

BeeCD is run by p_dan_tic and ultraruby, who also moderate the beecd community.


The Rules of the Actual BeeCD Project

Each time a BeeCD is run 8 themes will be given, and when you make your BeeCD you must include a track for each theme. Each theme should be represented by a different track, and your tracklisting should show which song is for which.

The CDs should include a tracklisting, but it must not be obviously displayed. The idea is the recipient listens all the way through the CD without looking at the track listing.

The CD should have a name - ideally as pretentious as possible. Calling it "BeeCD whatever date" is not good enough.

If at all possible we'd like you to do some sort of art work for the CD covers.

Also, BeeCD is meant to be anonymous so that when you get your compilations you sort of hear them in as pure a way possible. Although its ok for you to tell the moderators who you are, please do not put your name (or lj name) on your compilations.

The CDs should be CD-Rs burnt in a standard audio CD format (no mp3 CDs) which are designed to be played from start to end - not on random play. A tape (no longer than a 90 minute tape) is also acceptable.

You can put as many tracks as you like on your compilation in addition to the 8 you put on for the themes.

You need to make three copies of your CD, then send them to:

PO Box 56129
E17 0BZ

before the date of the deadline.

The themes this time are:

- A song to dance around the kitchen to

- A song you stole from an ex (ex partner, ex friend, ex anything)

- A song that represents where you're from [by way of explaination, whoever suggested this said "could be where you were born, where you live, where your ancestors come from, etc. and be as granular as you like - planet, continent, country, region, town, street, house number, etc."]

- A song about how awesome music is

- Your soundtrack to 2008

- A song for those we've lost along the way

- A somewhat sinister love song

- A Christmassy song

ALSO! Since we weren't sure about aking it one of the main themes but did have the heart to leave it off, we are also adding an optional christmas bonus theme this time, to use (if you want) alongside the other ones, which is:

- Two versions of the same song (i.e a cover and the original, a song done in two really different genres, an instrumental and a wordy version of the same tune....whatever you like really. You totally don't have to use this theme if you don't want to and it can't replace any of the others - we just thought we'd put it as an extra)

We are really excited about this round and we want loads and loads of people to join in, so please please tell your friends about BeeCD and encourage them to play.

The closing date for this round with be MONDAY DECEMBER 8th, and will be an absolute absolute no extensions total serious deadline so that we can be sure to get you your compilations before Christmas.

You don't need to join the community or have a livejournal to send in CDs/tapes - just make sure you put on enough enough stamps for your discs to get to us and give us a return address and enough postage to send some back and we'll be happy to include you.

The Rules of the BeeCD community

If you want offer sugestions for future themes or have any idea for future BeeCDs then you are very welcome to join the community and participate in the polls, posting and comments.

Also, if you're not on livejournal, if you want to remain anonymous or if you'd like to talk to us in private about the community or your compilations etc, you can leave a comment here on the admin post.

Some people really like to talk about the CDs they make for or receive from BeeCD, but we we ask that people please maintain a period of two weeks silence in the BeeCD community in the period directly following the swapping of discs. This is to allow everyone time to listen to their compilations.

After the first two weeks is up, we're aiming to have another two weeks for people to talk about the compilations they received. Then after THAT folk can post about whatever they like, inclulding their own compilations, ones they've seen discussed etc etc.

Some people really don't want to talk about their own CDs or the CDs they receive, and we'd like to stress very clearly that THIS IS TOTALLY FINE. This time around we're going to develop a clearer way for people who do not want to see their compilations discussed to flag this up in advance.

Since BeeCD is an anonymous project, we ask people not to 'out' the compilers of BeeCDs without their express permission. It's totally ok if you want to say 'hey, that was my one!', but it's also totally ok if you don't want anyone to ever know which compilation was yours.

The Rules We Abide By As Yr Moderators

As the people organising BeeCD and moderating the community we aim:

  • To accept suggestions for themes from the community and to come up with a coherent list of eight themes for each round

  • To treat all compilations equally and to allocate them to people on a completely random basis

  • To ensure (as far as possible) that there's enough postage on the packages we send back to you

  • To moderate the community in a way that maintains the two week silence two week limited chat idea

  • To protect the anonymity of BeeCDers

  • In return we'd like you:

  • to make your compilations in line with the rules and send them in to us in good time

  • To be respectful of other BeeCDers and try to be nice about their compilations

  • Thank you!

    p_dan_tic and ultraruby